Fabric Protectors And Sealers


      Can you imagine buying the most delicate fabric upholstery and having complete confidence in their ability to resist staining?

      That scenario can be more than just hypothetical. It’s a fact! We have the industries most reliable fabric protectors and sealers designed for delicate upholstery and Oriental rugs.

       The product is known as Stainsafe. The product has been specially developed for durable performance. It forms a molecular barrier around individual fibers so they don't attract soil or soak up wet stains, whether oil or water based.  Spills can be blotted up quickly and easily. The protector works well in resisting spills from common household food and beverages. With routine care and professional maintenance procedures, Stainsafe will give many years of protection.

      This protector is in the same family of Teflon and Scotchgard, but much safer to apply to delicate upholstery. Unlike other sealers, this one is solvent-based not water based. The biggest advantage is, it doesn’t change the look or “feel” of the fabric after the solvent evaporates. In addition, unlike other products, our sealer does not contribute toward re-soiling. For example, some products may be silicone based. This might be fine for umbrellas or raincoats,  but it is harmful for delicate  fabrics,  as  it leaves  behind a sticky residue, hence re-soiling at a fast rate. Also, silicones will not protect against oil-based stains. Most foodstuffs or human contact contains oils. To summarize, Stainsafe protects against water based as well as oil based spills. It is by far a more superior product. And over the years, we have been committed to providing the best possible protectors.


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